Restorative Botanicals - ELDERBERRY GUMMIES™ WITH ZINC - 10 mg/PIECE

Restorative Botanicals
A relaxing and delicious way to balance your mood and support your immune defenses*! • Whole Plant hemp extract with naturally-occurring cannabinoids helps regulate and modulate your body's natural immune system.* • Naturally Occurring Phytocompounds From Registered Colorado Hemp • Immune support includes all-natural Zinc from Elderberry! • 10mg of whole plant hemp extract phytocompounds in each piece • 30 pieces/bottle - 300mg hemp-derived cannabinoids • Assists in relieving daily tensions and discomforts* • A perfectly satisfying whole plant hemp extract experience! Whole Plant Hemp Oil in a flavorful Lozenge. Restorative Botanicals manufactures and distributes great-tasting, highly effective, full-spectrum hemp oil supplements.  We only use the finest organically-grown Colorado hemp from American farmers. Full-spectrum hemp extract is well-known to foster holistic benefits such as tension relief, enhanced mental clarity, healthy sleep, as well as muscle and joint support.   Simply put – our high quality full-spectrum hemp boosts your body’s overall sense of balance and well-being!* With unmatched attention to product purity and an amazing consumer experience, Restorative Botanicals offers the cleanest and best-tasting products of their kind! Take Bolder Gummies with you everywhere you go – they are a convenient way to build your immunity defenses!* Made with Registered Organic Colorado Hemp The hemp plant’s phytonutrients are naturally captured with a low-heat and alcohol-free extraction method.  We also include a third-party verification process to always ensure optimum product purity and overall quality. All-Natural Ingredients All of our ingredients are all-natural, non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free! Ingredient list: Organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, gelatin, xanthan, MCT coconut oil, organic elderberry flavor, citric acid, natural color, elderberry extract, hemp extract, and organic tapioca starch.